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Gulas Party – Sat 24th September at Tadley with Duo Band & Halusky Shop

When: Saturday 24 September 2016

Where: TADLEY Community Hall, RG26 4HN

Time: 5.00-10.30pm

more details, booking and Halusky shopping instructions coming soon…..



Gulas party s DuoBand a s predajom vyrobkov z Halusky obchodu

Kedy:  Sobota 24 Septembra 2016

Kde: TADLEY Community Hall, RG26 4HN

Time: 17.00-22.30 hod.




blizsie informacie a instrukcie na rezervaciu listkov a nakupu potravin z Halusky uverejnime v blizkej dobe …..


Link to Tadley hall: http://www.t-d-c-a.org.uk/community-centre/index.html

We are looking for a sponsor to help cover the cost of running events (hall hire, speaker expenses etc. - the circle representatives will continue to work a voluntary basis). In exchange for this, our sponsor will be featured in our newsletters and on our website. Find out more...