The UK Children’s Fine Art Competition

The ICEFA, the largest art competition for children in the world, is organized by The Lidice Gallery, situated in Czech village of Lidice, and regularly receives around 25,000 entries from over 60 countries.

The village of Lidice was bulldozed by the Nazis in a filmed atrocity in June 1942. All men were shot, the children gassed and the women sent to concentration camps. Lidice were rebuilt between 1947 – 1950 with the help of money raised by the working class people of Great Britain. Through art, the ICEFA and UK Children’s Fine Art Competitions aim to endow children round the world with the values of friendship, tolerance and empathy to ensure that dreadful acts like Lidice (and others since) cease to be a part of life.

The UK Children’s Fine Art Competition is open to all children, either individually or via schools, aged between 4 and 16. All children entering the competition receive a certificate from Art Venue CIC.

Closing date for entries to The 2012 UK Children’s Fine Art Competition is 16 December 2011

You can find more information about the competition and download a leaflet at this website:

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