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Claudio Ahlers, a photographer based in Bristol is currently looking for participants who live in mixed British / European households for a photography project entitled Still | Together.

This project is a photographic response to the recent European Union In/Out referendum. If you would like to take a part in this project, please go to:

Still | Together

a photographic portrait of shared lives in Britain after the EU referendum vote

As a European who has lived in this country for 23 years and who counts many British and European women and men as friends, I treasure the intimacy of the friendships with all of the people I have got to know here over the years. Britain is home to all of us who live here, regardless of where we were born, regardless of our heritage and regardless of all of the questions that have now been raised about who should and who shouldn’t live here, since the majority of voters has voted for the UK to leave the European Union. For me it is the people I share my life with more than anything else that give me a sense of belonging. I treasure our diversity, our differences enrich me and all that we have in common treasures me and keeps me safe.

And so for this photography project I am now looking for mixed British / European households – be it couples, families or people living in shared homes. I would like to photograph the people in these mixed households in their homes sharing spaces, communal tasks, daily ritual, intimate moments of friendship or of love.

In order to make everyone indistinguishable in terms of their heritage as judged by their public appearance, and so I can show each person connected to everyone else by their fundamental humanity, I intend to photograph everyone going about these activities in the nude.

I very much appreciate that every individual has very different levels of comfort in terms of being photographed without their clothes on. Therefore positioning and photographic composition will be used to guarantee everyone involved the level of modesty that they feel comfortable with.

Once completed I will approach online and print publications to show the series and I would hope that those who decide they would like to take part would be happy for the photographs to be seen in public. I will also collect brief testimonies from very person who is involved.

If you would like to take part in this project please contact me via e-mail.

I am very happy to answer any questions you might have.

In the end I hope the resulting photographs will reflect our shared humanity, our readiness to engage with each other and the strength of our friendships and the connections we make as people in Britain today.

We are looking for a sponsor to help cover the cost of running events (hall hire, speaker expenses etc. - the circle representatives will continue to work a voluntary basis). In exchange for this, our sponsor will be featured in our newsletters and on our website. Find out more...